I am the coach that will help guide you from CHAOS to CALM.

Imagine if in the midst of life challenges you could still feel a sense of centeredness and calm.  Now imagine even further, as someone that experiences or lives with depression, anxiety, or both, that this is still a possibility. The days of wanting to stay in bed, isolate from others, and feeling bad about yourself would be far and few between.  Instead you would engage in deep meaningful connections that would support you and you would experience joy and peace on a whole different level. I think its safe to say, especially with todays busy, fast paced life, that many us, if not all, encounter some form of depression; whether it be situational, temporary, or clinical and long term.

The reason I became a certified life coach was that I wanted to find a way to really experience the happiness that I knew was inherent deep in my soul.  I was at suicidal levels of depression for the second time in my life and knew I needed to do something different.  I desperately wanted to feel more of myself and less of the voice that depression and fear was telling me I was.

In my life I have navigated many changes, including but not limited to; being a child of divorce, personal loss due to miscarriage, marriage, separation, and divorce, parenting, empty nest syndrome, job changes, starting a new career and building a business, personal health scares, and turning 50! In addition to going through these life experiences I also had to battle the bouts of depression and anxiety that would often add a whole other layer to the difficulties I felt.

The pivotal moment for me in my journey was when I was sitting in the bathtub while popping Xanax and drinking a bottle of wine and by the grace of GOD pulled myself out of that tub because deep down I knew I wanted to live.  I just wanted to feel better, more alive, more peace, more of the true soulful happiness that I knew was in me.  I had already decided to finally start looking at my depression in a more effective way so I had started therapy.  After the night in the bathtub I was put in a two week outpatient group therapy.  Being an avid reader I went to the bookstore and Rhonda Britten’s book Fearless Living jumped out at me.  I took that book home and started devouring it. As a side note.. I had always wanted to help others in a way that maybe I had never helped myself.  I flipped to the back and saw that there was a Life coach certification program available and thought if nothing else this could be exactly what I needed for my own growth and understanding of all the thoughts and feelings that came up with my depression and at best it could be a way for me to learn how I could help others.

A year later I graduated and became fully certified to life coach and also became more empowered and capable in my battling through changes and depression. What I learned during the program was just how much I talked negative to myself. And as a person who really fights to see the positive in everyone and everything else, I couldn’t believe how I didn’t do that for myself! Its no wonder I felt depressed. I also learned that I had never learned to set boundaries and became aware of how that made me feel like I wasn’t honoring my own soul.  I learned that me and me alone was who I needed to get permission from and give it to.   In addition, I discovered by holding myself accountable and being responsible to, above anyone else, allowed me to feel empowered and loving to myself. These are just a few of the things I learned along with simple, useful tools to use to help me proactively engage in  my life in a different way.

Let me help you rid yourself of the chaos that is holding you back and find the calm your soul is begging for you to experience.  Contact me for a complimentary clarity call to see if our work together is exactly what you are looking for.