After nearly four years of coaching and a lifetime of experience, I have discovered two specific issues  I am passionate in working with clients through.  The first is to help them face down depression and calm anxiety. The second is working with  clients that want to create more fulfilling relationships and deeper connection. I’ve discovered through my own journey that there may be a cause and effect connection between the two in many cases.


Depression & Anxiety:

Has depression ever kept you from living your life?

Has anxiety ever had you worrying so much that you felt paralyzed?

When you are in the midst of making life changes, do you often feel anxious and overwhelmed?

Do you ever feel that the inner chaos will always win out?

Do you crave the peace and inner joy that come with experiencing a deep soulful calm?


Before I became a coach and learned new ways to navigate through my life, my answer to all of these questions were YES. Now I live a much different life than those days past, a more soul supporting, joyful life.  Through my own trials and my coach training I learned transformational tools and proactive behaviors to lean on and support me during the now rare times that depression creeps in or anxiety takes hold.

I am passionate about helping  you navigate your life changes and the times of depression or anxiety by sharing these tools, asking you deep, soul empowering questions, and supporting you through this process of transformation.  I can help you find more clarity and get you living more of your life experiencing joy.

Let me help you overcome the CHAOS that takes hold in your mind and assist you of experiencing your soul’s intention and heart’s desire of living in the CALM!


Relationship & Connection:

The number one human desire is to connect with others. The importance and impact of our relationships is demonstrated on a daily basis… whether it be relationship to self, an intimate one, familial, friendship, or a co-worker.


Have you ever desired to connect more fully and authentically in a relationship?  Or maybe wondered what would be required to do that?

Can you remember a time when you reacted poorly in an important conversation and wished it had gone different?

Do you feel comfortable and confident in asking for what you need and want?  Do you have that clearly defined for yourself?

Has there ever been a situation where setting a boundary felt necessary, yet you were unsure of how to do that? Or even know you needed to set a boundary?  And what about following through on a consequence when a boundary has been broken,  is that in your comfort zone?
Are you clear on the ways you feel and receive love from others and confident in the ways you give it and show it to others?

If any of these questions elicited a response in some way, I’m here to help.
What I will work with you in achieving are the following:

~More masterful and mindful communication

~Setting boundaries in order to create more trust and agreement

~Discover what you need and want in your relationships and how to ask for it

~Learn about your love history and how that impacts the way you give and receive love. How to makes changes in order to feel more loved and be more loving.

Let’s begin today to work together on creating the relationships you desire in your life!


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